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Compliance Rating Level Banners
~ W3C Technical Standards ~
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) ~


Owners of any Award Sites! rated award programs interested in receiving an replacement rating level banner with appropriate compliance / designation tag based on upon the following examples need to read the following information and specific requirements before submitting a request.  (Only size available)

W3CAR (WAI - 508 Standard)W3C and WAI
The valued promise of making the World Wide Web accessible to everyone no matter what their ability or disABILITY is dependent upon the cooperation of the W3C, software developers and content providers (we at AS!).  Given further cooperation from content providers in complying with Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) guidelines and W3C technical standards, a much more accessible Web is to be expected.  However, lack of commitment from any of these three groups would frustrate attainment of this goal.

We, who are not disABLED, take for granted the repository of preference for on-line information, and yet the rich media (graphics, audio/video-based) technology of the Web has inadvertently created barriers for people with disabilities.  The W3C guides the evolution of the Web's core protocols and has taken on a leadership role in removing these accessibility barriers.

And Award Sites! wants to assist in this effort . . . in relation to "Bettering the Net While Striving For Excellence!"

Moreover, we all need to look at the various implementation options, successes, and challenges of the Web.  For example: screen readers vs. speaking browsers, Microsoft's Active Accessibility vs. Sun's Java Accessibility, and Universal Design vs. accessible software.  Also successes such as accessible IBM Web sites, accessible IBM technologies, and adoption of accessibility guidelines inside IBM.  We should consider the challenges of designing access for ever-evolving technologies, constantly diverging strategies of information access and presentation, and the complexities of mixed hardware and software platforms.

SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS For Rating Banner with Compliance Tag:

  1. Award Sites! rated award programs can achieve one of three designations...

    1. W3C

    2. AR ... WAI minimum 508 standard is required, which is also mandated by the U.S. Government to do business with it. (Visit the WAI site to learn more about 508 and the more advanced levels... One, Two, and Three.)

    3. W3CAR (Both)

  2. The entire site must meet W3C designations and the same for AR (508 standard) unless an AP has its own navigation system separate of the rest of its mother site.  And make sure you have validated your site so it still complies, as you will have to wait 30 days before resubmission is allowed if it fails the AS! validation.

  3. The page where the W3C and/or WAI (508 standard) compliance badge(s) must be provided with request for verification by AS!

  4. Tag and listing information will be removed if site / AP is discovered to no longer conform.

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