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Approved Web Hosting Companies

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 Rating Level Information

The following links . . . take visitors interested in submitting their sites for consideration of the individual awards listed on AWARD SITES! to information about the respective rating level.  Moreover, award programs might also being displaying a rating level banner with one of the following compliance tags . . . W3C, AR, or W3CAR.  Learn more about the meaning of these compliance tags.

  • Rating levels are not an indication of an award's popularity, but of the award's value and purpose relative to its presentation by the issuing site.  Many aspects of an award's rating are similar to how a site may be reviewed for an award.  And like sites being reviewed for awards, some awards just happen to be better than others for one or more reasons!

  • Award program owners who want to submit an award for a rating and listing . . . need to review the prerequisites and then proceed accordingly.

"Approved" Web Hosting Companies