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Approved Web Hosting Companies

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Rating Levels
Criteria and Rules

[Rating review could take up to 6 weeks]

  1. Go to the Rating Level Prerequisites Page if you have come to this page before reviewing information that will determine if your program qualifies for a rating review.  Otherwise, please proceed with reviewing the rating levels criteria and listing rules.

  2. You can print all the levels' criteria and rules for future reference, but you need to review this page online for each upgrade request to make sure no additions have been made that could impact your program's review since the last one.  (It is also where you access the initial and upgrade rating requests submittal forms.)

  3. Unauthorized use of the copyright rating level banners are prohibited!

These links are strictly for award program owners and
representatives . . . not for those seeking to apply for awards.

5.0 Criteria4.5 Criteria4.0 Criteria3.5 Criteria3.0 Criteria2.5 Criteria

RULES: Listing, Upgrade, Temporary Suspension, and Removal


Links to . . . Initial Rating Request, Upgrade Rating Request, and
Listing Change Forms are after each level's criteria and the rules.

"Approved" Web Hosting Companies