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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberSuperb! Website Award Program
Founder: Don Chisholm

Offers 7 awards . . . Superb! Website Diamond (shown), Superb! Website Double Diamond, Superb! Website 100 (shown), Superb! Website 200, Superb! Website 300, Superb! Website 400 Award, and Superb! Website 500 (shown).

This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!

Don ChisholmDon Chisholm is considered among the first pioneers of the web awards community founding Website Awards shortly after David Bancroft founded Award Sites! And while no longer involved with the Web Awards Community . . . his tirelessly years devoted to it fostered profound improvements that underscore "Bettering The Internet Experience". Don Chisholm's noble efforts were primarily through his recognition programs, Superb! Awards (formerly rated 5.0+) and World's Top Awards . . . as well as extensive resources, including "Articles About Awards". He was also a mentor to other web award program owners.

All provided solely for the betterment of award givers and award seekers alike.

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"Approved" Web Hosting Companies