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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite Member StarSite Award Program
By Philipp Eirich

This exceptionally designed award program was one of the first top elites on the internet that achieved 5.0 ... with the plus being the contributions that Philipp Eirich made to the awards community and site design in general.

And its name was perfect ... as it was truly a shining star of excellence!

Phil EirichPhilipp Eirich's professional efforts encompass being the owner of 3DRex & AniRex Studios (creative website and multimedia design including 2D and 3D animation), involved with Eirich Machines, and charitable efforts. 

His selfless volunteerism to better the "net" and awards community involve tutorials, articles, advice, and . . . providing technical guidance and creative assistance to Award Sites!, which includes setting-up and maintaining the program associated with the Assembly Forum for its first several years.

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