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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberNem5 Award Program
by Maggi Norris

"Sites that make you feel something when you view them, no matter what method is used to evoke the emotion, have surpassed others. This takes a certain amount of skill with words and visual elements.  The best sites blend what you see with what you read and hear into Maggic."

Offers twelve (12) awards that include Maggic Award (Gold level shown), Best of Nem5 - Annual, Art (shown), Writing, Flash Design, Creativity, Resource, Design,  HomeSite, Writing, and Pet  . . . that are given to respective sites rich in content and pleasing to the eye.

Judging will be based upon elegance, eloquence, graphics, ease of navigation, originality, content, style, layout, use of HTML and current trends.

Takes applications from languages other than English due to judge participation.

This award program has been rated by Award Sites! for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!

Maggi Norris - Owner of Nem5 AwardsMaggi Norris . . .The multi-talented owner of Nem5, has been an integral part of the awards community since 1999.  Her tireless dedication to excellence and ethics has helped shape the landscape of the community.  And her willingness to assist people, especially the young ones, in need has earned for her the respect she so richly deserves. 

In her own words:  ". . . I began to realize for the very first time that I had been painting my own universe since my first emergence ... birth." 

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