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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberMaestro Award
by Ric Berends

Orchestrated Excellence! . . . Rewards webmasters, who have surmounted their highest reaches in website excellence, attained the level of master in a variety of subjects and critique. 

Round 1

Pre-evaluation - 10 Basic site requirements to qualify for the round 2 evaluation

Round 2

  • Functionality - HTML, Accessibility, Navigation and Compatibility

  • Presentation - User friendliness, aesthetics, design & layout, web elements

  • Content - Language skills, interactivity, resource, expression, details

  • Creativity - Innovation, originality, vision, technology and distinctiveness

  • Professionalism - Focus, effectiveness, accomplishments, value and ethics.

 Finally, Site of the Year Award is awarded to the best 3 websites each year!

Rick BerendsRic Berends, the owner of Maestro Awards, has continued to go the extra mile on behalf of the awards community. 

He established a number of standards for awards masters including  the Award Sites! recognized Awards organizer template ... and a site design tutorial on Content, Navigation, Design, Graphics, Validation and Speed.  It also features an interactive database of articles by the webmaster and others.

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