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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberLTS Grail Award Program
Luuk Francken

LTS Grail AwardSpecial attention is given to content...  and must be an added value to the web.  Design and navigational ease are important along with the site being "pleasing to the eye".

10 Year Plus Distinguished Rating Badge - sampleThe LTS Grail Award Program and its owner Luuk Francken have been recognized by Award Sites! with a...

"Distinguished Rating" for LTS Grail's 10 plus year listing and being a model of excellence for others to follow while "Bettering the Internet Experience!"

Luuk Francken, European AdvisorLuuk Francken started with his award program LTS Grail Award in 1998, as part of his Travel Site, after several attempts without much success. In the beginning the program was very simple and awards were won without too many problems. However, it became very apparent to Luuk, that awards were not just a means to get "hits" to his website, but people were applying for them, because they wanted a sign of approval for all their hard work.

So, the intention of the AP changed. To Luuk, it meant a way to make sure applicants did their utmost to get their websites and AP's in order and working well, to achieve the coveted LTS Grail Award. Which in its turn made sure internet was improved that little bit every time an application was made. Which turned out to be the main reason for having an AP to Luuk.

The Awards Society was also improved by other associations. CEM/CEMA became a "must" to become a member of, as well as of APEX (Association for Positive Ethical eXchange). These associations made themselves responsible for the ethics used on internet. And even though CEMCEMA shut its portals, APEX still lives.

In 2002 Luuk became a Director of Services of APEX. But in about five months APEX also had serious problems. Nearly the total Board of Directors stepped down, all for personal reasons. And that meant the end for APEX as well. Luuk however refused to give in that easy. He contacted all the members of APEX, just over a hundred at that time, situated all over the world and was successful in finding a great team to give APEX a new life with a new Board of Directors. It was this Board, with a few change now and then, which until now has kept APEX going strong. It has also made sure APEX can not founder again. Many new websites become members every month, which means there is still a necessity to keep APEX alive for the Award Community. The mission of APEX returned to its original concept to maintain a standard of ethics in our dealings or associations with all people and organizations which use the Internet to sell, buy or exchange products and information.

Luuk spent his working life in laboratories. First in refineries in Australia, Germany and in his homeland The Netherlands. He then moved to an engineering firm and installed complete laboratories all over the world, but mostly in the middle- and far east, and taught the people how to use the equipment. His travel experiences were put into his site to help other travelers.


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