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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberFun Tyme Entertainment
By Sandra Gerbers

Fun Tyme Entertainment Award ProgramOffers four level...

Gold (shown), Silver, Bronze and Merit that recognize those webmasters who have combined their imagination, creativity, graphic layout and useful content to educate or entertain their viewers. 

This award program has been rated by Award Sites!
for at least five years . . . providing notable service through Bettering The Net by Striving for Excellence!

Sandra GerbersOver the past decade, Sandra Gerbers, founder / owner of Fun Tyme Entertainment Award Program, has built upon the rewarding experience of helping others and her work in this area is legion within and out of the Web Awards Community . . . including her volunteerism in other web award related services.

Unselfish with her time, Sandra has given freely . . . enjoying the opportunity to informally mentor the ‘beginner’ and oft times 'experienced' web site owners who wish to establish their own award programs or further develop their web sites including design assistance with graphics, animation, and coding.

Moreover, Sandra exemplifies "bettering the internet experience" through maintaining the same purpose and foundation from where she began... providing recognition to webmasters for excellence, hard work and creativity through the giving of web awards and treating all applicants with respect, equality, fairness, professionalism, and integrity.

Sandra was also the owner of two other rated award programs, Time Keeper (5.0) and White Swan (4.0).

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