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AWARD SITES! 5.0+ Elite MemberBeehive Awards
by M�c Miller

Well Done and Then Some! . . . Effective 2/1/03, only  residents of Indiana and those who have read The Webmaster's Guide to Glory! (info at Beehive) may nominate a Web site or apply for an award.  (If you do not reside in Indiana and do not wish to read the book, one has the option to impress an Indiana resident enough with a site's overall excellence so that she or he will nominate it.)

Signifies the supreme achievement in Web excellence in all areas and at all levels . . .The intent of this award is to recognize web pages and sites that have achieved a "top 1%" status in all areas of content, designs, graphics, techniques, and presentation.   Requires a score of 99 or higher.

For web excellence at the local level . . .The intent of this award is to encourage web content on topics relevant to this Beehive. Examples are local events, architecture, performing artists, recipes, and so on.  Requires a score of 90 or higher.

For web excellence by an Indiana-based site . . . The intent of this award is to recognize web excellence for those who create web pages on topics relevant or unique to Hoosiers. Requires a score of 90 or higher.

For excellence in the Global Village . . . The intent of this award is to promote and recognize informative and useful Web pages of general interest from anywhere in the world.   Individuals and organizations must reside outside the State of Indiana and the site must be on a specific topic or subject.  Requires a score of 90 or higher. 

M�c Miller is the owner of The Beeline, where his elite award program is located, author of the "The Webmaster's Guide to Glory!" and is co-owner of Awards Scoop, a nonprofit organization developed to make the media and rest of the Internet aware of the "real" awards community.  He stands tall in many ways besides his height . . . As an excellent ambassador for the awards community, he has shared in-depth and broad knowledge of the awards process and Internet freely.  M�c also provides an online resource guide to his fellow citizens in Indiana (basketball lovers know where this state is).Just take a leisurely visit of The Beeline and see for yourself.  (More can be said about this good man, but his modesty prevents it.)

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