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AWARD SITES! 5.0 Elite MemberJeM of the Net Award Program

Offers two to encourage and acknowledge the exceptional efforts and diligence of webmasters of sites who foster their own unique personality within the content and or design, in a safe family friendly and ethical manner.

Flagstone Content (shown) . . . For websites that are beautifully bound by sound visual design, display richness in content and show originality.  These sites demonstrate web excellence in creative thought and show passion for the subject matter.

Harlequin Design . . . For websites that demonstrate web excellence in artistic ability by displaying a rare quality and skill in various mediums for expression albeit art portfolios, computer graphics, photography, Flash or similar high technology etc. 100% original graphics are required and must be showcased in a professional manner.

Being able to capture an audience and instill an emotion with the use of poetry, stories, social issues, educational material, art, graphics, web tools and so forth is a true talent and deserves recognition.

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