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Tidy Tutorial

Using Tidy Inline Or Locally

The purpose of this tutorial is to present a clear and convincing example of how to use a combination of modern tools at our disposal in our efforts to build web pages which are W3C and WAI compliant, while not having to experience a steep learning curve.

About Tidy

About Tidy

Take a reasonably well formed web page and Tidy will work wonders; a web page which is  filled with proprietary code and Tidy may do the unexpected; and saving an existing page is always preferable, unless you can undo the undesirable changes.  If you are fully prepared to begin the process, knowing that you only have to fear, fear itself, let us begin with a download of Firefox with tidy inline (built in).

A very special thank you to Dave Raggett, whose initial version of Tidy, led to the versions as we know and use today.

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About Contributor
Denny Lancaster is the Compliance Manager of Award Sites!  He is also the owner of the Lancasters Laughing Place site and the elite Award Sites! 5.0 rated Talking Hands Award Program . . . and has excellent knowledge of W3C and WAI issues.  Professionally, he is a retired senior partner, tax attorney specializing in international finance.  Moreover, Denny administers a private foundation which builds free enabled computers for deaf and blind persons throughout the state of Alabama . . . and is a talented poet.Denny Lancaster - Validation Advisor

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