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Paint Shop Tutorial

Let's put this one "Under Glass"

Ok kiddies... Let's have a little fun here! I've seen this done using tubes. However, tubes can lack the flexibility needed to accommodate various shaped images. With this in mind we're going to work on how to create a "glass" covering for our images... similar to a watch crystal, but a lot more fun. Are you ready to give it a go? Ok... let's get started! 

For this little goodie we're going to use the sample plaque from the "brushed metal" tutorial... it should pose an interesting challenge :)


Open a new image with the same dimensions as our plaque. Have the background set to transparent.


Using the "Magic Wand" tool... select the entire image area.


Apply a "cut-out" effect... Vertical = "0", Horizontal = "0", Opacity = "100" and Blur = "75"


Your Results...


  • Ok... take a short pause... Alright... Glass covers, as you know, have a little bit of light reflection. We will simulate this using the "Bevel" effect. Set your bevel as follows:


Your Results...

bevel results

Notice the upper-left corner... Ok... let's get down to it!

Copy your "glass" to the clipboard. You will now "paste" it to the plaque as a new layer... blend mode = "Normal".

Your Results...

plaque results

Add a border to your liking then "Invert" your selection and add an "Illumination" effect to accent your bevel.

Illumination settings


Your Results...

plaque2-light (results)

Clear your selection, merge all your layers and save in .jpg format...
You now have a "Plaque Under Glass"


plaque under glass (after)

About Contributor
Paul Moss . . . I feel that I should try to help beginners avoid the graphical mistakes I made, the result... the HomeGrown Graphic Workshop.Paul Moss

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