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Paint Shop Tutorial

Simple Text

This tutorial will show you the basic steps in working with text  in PSP 7.0.

First we will start by creating a new base graphic or you can work with any existing graphic. I will use the award template from the previous tutorial.

new image sample

Next we will use the text tool to insert text into the graphic.

I used an black stroke and white fill. The following illustration shows the text editing dialogue box. The text dialogue box icon can be found on the right hand side of the screen and resembles the letter A  and can be located in the Tool Palette toolbar. These are the settings I used to make the sample graphic.

text box

You have to check the floating check box if you want to work with the text after it is inserted.

The 2 samples here show the floating checked and unchecked.

initial graphic

first text insert


Once the text has been inserted with floating on, you can alter the visual appearance of the text. I applied an embossed effect to this particular text. I then altered the color to a purple shade.

embossed text

text color

Next we will insert a second line of text using different settings. I used an orange gradient stroke and silver gradient fill with floating on.

new text box

Your framed award graphic should resemble the graphic below. You can apply just about any effect to text, experiment with the different effects and see what you can create.

next text

new text graphic

I applied the same purple color and added a drop-shadow effect. 

colorize dialogue box

Now for a little color. Click on Colors, then click on colorize. The dialogue box shown below should pop up and you can change the whole image colors by simply adjusting the hue and saturation.

whole color

Before finished graphic finished graphic colored After

Working with text and graphics is a fairly easy process. You are only limited in what you can achieve by your imagination. Best of luck to you in your graphical adventures.

About Contributor
Tom Lyall
Tom Lyall is the owner and creator of the retired CQD Awards and TLTC Wild Adventure Awards.

He is currently retraining as a Computer Aided Mechanical Design Engineer while providing site design related advice via tutorials and articles.

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