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Paint Shop Tutorial


This tutorial is designed to teach you the basic steps to alter the whole image colors to obtain a desired color. These are very simple steps and can be used on any existing JPEG or GIF image.

Choose any image that you would like to alter the existing colors. Before you start, remember to save your existing image under another name, so that it is not lost once you make the color changes.

In order to change colors, you have to increase color depth to 16 million.

bulletClick on colors
bulletChoose increase color depth
bulletChoose 16 million
bulletTo alter the colors, you have a couple of choices... Simple way first...
bulletAfter you have increased the color depth.
bulletClick on colors
bulletChoose colorize... The hue changes the color and experiment with the saturation to get the color tone you desire.
bulletOR... you can click on color
bulletChoose adjust
bulletChoose hue/saturation/lightness and experiment with color changes there.

The next way is a little more lengthy but gives you sharper colors.

bulletTake any image and click color
bulletChoose greyscale
bulletChoose increase colors
bulletChoose 16 million
bulletChoose solarize ... I find around 120 works well in this setting.. depends on the dark areas of the graphic.
bulletChoose colorize ... or use the adjust method mentioned above, and experiment with the colors.

Remember that when you increase the color depth, you drastically increase the weight of the graphic. I prefer to optimize them as jpeg's because they reduce down nicely. My awards are under 5k as JPEG's, but as GIF's their weight is around 20k. Optimizing graphics is an art in itself and demands a tutorial of its own.

About Contributor
Tom Lyall
Tom Lyall is the owner and creator of the retired CQD Awards and TLTC Wild Adventure Awards.

He is currently retraining as a Computer Aided Mechanical Design Engineer while providing site design related advice via tutorials and articles.

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