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MS Outlook Tutorial

Using AutoSignatures

Outlook allows you to create a signature that can be automatically placed on every message you send. AutoSignature saves time and eliminates the possibility of errors in your signature. For example, you may want to always include your name, company, phone number, and fax number. You can also create many different signatures and select from a list of those signatures when composing a new message.

1. From the Tools menu in the Inbox, choose Options.

2. Select the Mail Format tab.

3. Choose the button. The Signature Picker dialog box appears as shown below.

4. Choose the button. The Create a New Signature wizard appears as below.

5. Type a name for your signature in step 1 and choose the button. The Edit Signature dialog box opens.

6. Type your signature as you would like it to appear on outgoing messages in the Signature text field. Use the Font, Paragraph, and Clear buttons to help you customize your signature.

Note that you can also attach a vCard.  If you add yourself to your Contacts list with all of your pertinent information (phone numbers, etc.) you can choose to attach this information in the form of a vCard.  Users receiving your mail will see the vCard icon in your signature and by clicking on it can easily add all your information to their Contacts list.

7. Choose Finish.

8. Choose OK to close the Signature Picker dialog box.

9. To automatically insert the signature at the end of all outgoing messages, be sure the signature is selected in the Use this Signature by default field as shown below.

If you make multiple signatures, leaving this selection as <None> allows you to choose among a list of signatures you have created each time you compose a new message.

10. Choose Apply and OK to close the Options dialog box.

About Contributor
Karyn Stille is an experienced software trainer who has helped thousands understand Microsoft Office.  Her tutorials site and free newsletter get rave reviews from site visitors and subscribers.

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