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Fireworks Tutorial

Creating Transparent True Type Font Gifs

New fonts for your website- do you want to use some special fonts for the headlines of your webpages? Here you can download these true type fonts (.ttf) for windows (XP) free:

edwardianEdwardian Script ITC
elegantElegant Script
freestyleFreestyle Script
ole englishOld English Text MT

Windows (XP) supports True Type fonts. So you can install these fonts to windows:

1) Click Start, then Run. 2) Type %windir%\fonts 3) Click OK 4) There opens a File menu, click Install New Font.

5) In the box with the drives go to the drive and the folder, where you have downloaded the new font, maybe the folder called download.

6) Then click the font- file (.ttf) what you want to add.

7) After that click Copy Fonts To Fonts Folder.

8) Click OK. The new font is now in the windows/fonts folder and can be used with any program.

Consider that these fonts can only be seen with a computer, if these fonts are installed on it. You can create headlines as transparent gifs using these fonts, which can be seen on all computers.

Creating transparent gifs with Macromedia Fireworks MX.

1) Open Fireworks, click "create new file".

create new file

2) Chose the "hight" and the "width" of the headline you want to create, and chose "transparent background".
Click "OK".

transparent gackground

3) In upper hotizontal menu go to "Text". There opens a drop down menu, go and click "font", then opens a menu where you can chose the font you have loaded.

chose new font

4) Click on the "A" on the left hand menu, and with the left mouse pressed open the window for your headline on the transparent gif. Type in your headline. You can add a lot of effects too.

type in your text

5) Click "file" in the upper menu, "export" in the opening drop down menu, chose the folder where you want to save your new image, create a name for it and click "save". Your file is saved as transparent gif.

save your file

6) Click "file" again in the upper menu, click "save as" in the drop down menu, then your file is saved as . png and can always be opened and changed with Fireworks.

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