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Creating An Award Image

Another excellent tool for the creation of awards is the Corel Draw, because is very easy to be utilized and produces great results. In this tutorial we are going to see how to, in few steps, create an award with this known graphic software.

Initially... we are going to know the main tools of the Corel Draw that we are going to utilize in this tutorial and see its locations in the vertical tools bar, that generally is located in the left side of the screen:

Creating An Award Image 1

Now... that we know the tools of the Corel Draw, we are going to use the rectangle tool for create a rectangle in the proportion of 1x1,4 because this is the standard adopted worldwide for the awards, that generally has the size of 100x140 pixels.

Creating An Award Image 2

Creating An Award Image 3

Made the rectangle... we are going to use the full fill tool and in it click in the pattern filling box, for we will choose a metallic background that will serve of frame to our award. In the pattern filling box we should select the option totally colored and click in the load button. Right away we are going to choose a texture and click in import and ok.

Afterwards... we are going to use to rectangle tool for create a rectangle in the interior of the first. click in this new rectangle for select it and repeat the previous operation (full fill tool/pattern filling box) for add a texture to the background of the award.

Creating An Award Image 4

Our next step... will be the addition of text in our award, click in the text tool and in the local where you want to add the text, afterwards digitizes the title of the our award, choosing font, color and size. You can apply 3d effects in this text transforming it in bitmap (bitmaps menu) and clicking twice about the text and selecting effects/texture/plastic (Corel Photo Paint). But I generally prefer the simplicity.

Creating An Award Image 5

Finally... we should choose the graphic that is going to identify and beautify our award.  The choice of an image should represent the intent / purpose / subject of the award. You can copy this image from a free psp tubes site (see the links below), but don�t forget to give the respective credit for the site with a link and listing of the associated copyright.

Creating An Award Image 6

Wizard Pygal Tube Links
CCD�S Tube Heaven
Penelope�s Tubes
JCW Designs

I expect that you have learned the basic notions of the Corel Draw and that you start to create your own awards, when will have created some and will want send myself a copy by email I stayed very happy. In case of doubt, consult the help of the software, that is one of the most complete that I know, many times I utilized this help.

Lupércio Mundim
Copyright © 2007
All Rights Reserved

About Contributor
Lupércio Mundim is a Brazilian Webmaster with big experience in the creation of sites, seen already to have created fifty-two sites for himself, for his friends and for some organizations without lucrative purposes.

His most important and known site is the Poetic Soul, where are found his poetry, his personal and friends pages, beyond his graphics, his award program and his award index.

Lupercio Mundim

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