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ATGP Fight Spam (5/24/2006)
Useful tips and tools to prevent spam on your mail address and to prevent your mail forms are been taken over.

AwardStat (5/29/2002)
Free piece of JavaScript code that will display a statistics table on your award site.  You change a few numbers within your HTML file periodically to set the values of your awards and the JavaScript will total the applicants and will calculate the percentages.  The statistics table can be configured to match your award levels and color scheme.

Dzigns by Shiv
Free unique Javascript & DHTML navigational scripts with explanation & working examples.  Helpware for newbies & those short of time.  Additional cut-n-paste scripts for special effects.

Graphix Land - Tutorials
Learn HTML and CSS with our easy to read and learn, free tutorials that cover from the basic - professional development!

The JavaScript Source
An excellent "Cut & Paste" JavaScript library with over 600 free scripts for your web pages.

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