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ArchWired (1/8/2003)
Informational website for adults who have braces on their teeth, or who are considering orthodontics to straighten their teeth. Features include: a Braces Primer, two discussion forums, orthodontic links, monthly polls, and more!

Ask James about Cystic Fibrosis (6/9/2004)
Site of a man living with CF . . . Provides current information about Cystic Fibrosis. Includes educational resources, treatments, support, links to related sites, CF awareness information and experience living with this disease.

Bird Flu Index (3/8/2006)
Resource site for information about bird flu, avian influenza and the h5n1 virus. Includes links to bird flu websites, blogs, forums and official medical and government organizations.

The Bright Side (2/4/2004)
A means of support... whether you are dealing with depression, grief, suicide, mental illness, emotional crisis, or are just feeling overwhelmed with life, you are not alone! We all go through difficult periods in our lives, when everyday life feels like it's just too much to bear.

FM-CFS Canada (1/16/2008)
Free information and resources for the 1 million Canadians battling Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Contains original educational material, links to Canadian support groups, Media resources, video, animation, audio, and much more.

Hatha Yoga Lesson (11/20/2002)
Site contains over 75 original quick loading animations of yoga postures, breathing techniques and stress poses. It is well organized artistic and educational and free.  It has many original articles about yoga, health, dreams and meditation.

Heppo World (6/5/2002)
A magical place where all the heppo's live ... I have drawn over 300 "heppo's" for people that have hepatitis C. I wanted to give them a place where they could see them all in one place. I donate my time, and I love to bring some joy into people's lives that have an incurable disease.

Hospital Marguerite-Marie (9/12/2002)
The main goal of our non-profit Charity is to bring a medical and surgical help, and to create a Mother-Child Hospital in Phnom Penh in Cambodia.  The teaching and the medico-surgical and paramedical training is also a goal of the Hospital Marguerite-Marie

Indian MEDLARS Centre (2/6/2002)
Provides access to bibliographic details from 75 Indian biomedical journals (IndMED database). The IndMED database has MeSH terms as keywords and is searchable free of cost.  The Centre's site also acts as a portal to over 100 biomedical websites and e-journals.

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (1/30/2002)
Provides extensive online informational resources, on blood related cancers, on their treatment, and on living with these diseases. Please see our Order Free Materials section as a starting point to this aspect of our site, where a visitor can view online, download, or order free copies of our library of booklets, fact sheets, etc, in English or Spanish editions.

Mold Help (1/04/2006)
The top informational site about mold . . . covering advocacy, awareness, assistance, education, resources, and solutions. 

MomMD (6/19/2002)
Online community for women doctors, medical students and premedical students. It offers professional and personal resources for women, especially mothers, in this challenging profession.

NH Family Voices (10/15/2003)
We are a family to family health information and resource Center in New Hampshire . . . providing I&R to all families, but particularly families with special health care needs.

Online Cancer Guide (9/26/2007)
A comprehensive resource providing complete information on various types of cancers such as prostrate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, throat, blood cancer, brain cancer, bone cancer, etc. Also know about the causes of these cancers, symptoms, various treatment methods.

Spine-health (10/2/2002)
Provides in-depth information and resources for patients with back pain, neck pain, and full range of spinal disorders. There are series of articles on specific topics pertaining to conditions and treatments relating to back pain such as scoliosis, sciatica, and degenerative disc disease.

SpineUniverse (7/18/2007)
Comprehensive online back pain information website. Has hundreds of articles on topics including sciatica, scoliosis, herniated discs, artificial disc replacements, physical therapy, acupuncture and more. All of these articles are peer-reviewed and written by medical experts from our Editorial Board.

Suicide and Mental Health Association International (7/7/2004)
Dedicated to suicide and mental health related issues. Our main goal is to prevent suicidal behavior and to relieve its effects on all who maybe affected by it. We also promote and advocate awareness and treatment in regards to mental health.

Support for Persons with ALS and their Caregivers (6/30/2004)
As a Person with ALS myself, I realized the need for a site that provided not only information about ALS but one that provided a few laughs for people as well . . . D
edicated to the many PALS living with this terrible disease as well as those who have lost their battles and the CALS who suffer along with their loved ones.

Wings of Morning (10/16/2002)
Provides medical and dental care at no cost to patient, and with it . . . a clear presentation of the Gospel to all who come. This is a ministry devoted to treating both the physical and spiritual needs.

Holistic Junction (1/19/2005)
A community of people interested in all things holistic. Here, you will find what you need; share what you know; and, discuss what you're not sure about. Excellent resources for alternative and healing arts schools.

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