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Approved Web Hosting Companies

Gold Stars of Excellence by Award Sites!

"Approved" Web Hosting Companies

"Mere Chance" by David G. Bancroft Cemetery Woods by David G. Bancroft
Award Sites! listings of “approved” fee based web hosting companies is an extenuation of its mission... "bettering the internet experience" and compliments the reasons why many site owners, webmasters, and site designers have utilized Award Sites! since 1997.

Standards involved in listing an "Approved" Web Hosting Company

Competitive hosting plans
Informative presentation of plans
Useful knowledgebase and/or detailed FAQ
Easy to use online support process
Quality site design
Functional navigation system
Having a vetted affiliate / referral program
Years in business
"Approved" Web Hosting Companies by Award Sites!

Approved Web Hosting Companies

Note... Refer to Questions For A Web Hosting Company for assistance in selecting a web hosting company that best meets your requirements for your site or sites.