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Macromedia Flash - A Loaded Gun In Dangerous Hands by Marlon Young (listed 6/20/2001)
"Now, I will be the first to confess that I am perhaps from the 'old school' of web design and the Internet . . . Macromedia Flash promised dynamic interaction . . . Little did I realize at the time that there was the evil creature . . ."

Make It Visitor Friendly! by David Bancroft (4/19/199)
"Remember . . . never assume your target audience is made up of technical wizards or mind readers who just love a challenge to figure out what a site is really all about."

Making Your Websites More Compelling by Andrea J. Lee (listed 8/25/2004)
"With just a little effort, you can make your web pages visually irresistible by playing with color, shapes and text.. Whether your websites are..."

Meta Tags by Bernard Howe (listed 10/26/2005)
Meta tags will not alter how your web page will view, but Meta tags will help search facilities index your site, and what each page has with in it...

The Navigation Orients The Visitor by Lupércio Mundim (listed 11/29/2006)
".... some basic orientation about navigation that I learned with some marvelous friends that countless times helped me and oriented me in the improvement of my websites..."

Optimizing Your Site For The Search Engines by Margot B. (listed 2/13/2002)
So you've built your web site. Don't submit it to the search engines until you've given it a tune-up to make it ready for the search engines."

Panic and Take Risks! by Joyce Jace (listed 4/4/2001)
"As content providers and/or Web site owners, we must continuously perfect our writing skills. The Web is about "content" which is largely transmitted through words.  As we move from the stodgy old way of writing and towards a more enlightened perspective…"

Scroll or Squint! -- What is Best? by David Bancroft
"An effective presentation includes having the written word in a font and size that is easy for all individuals to read at a relative comfort level.   It should be more important to allow visitors an easy read than squeezing information..."

To Build or Not To Build by Bob Newman (Listed 7/7/2004)
How do you want to accomplish this task? Do you want to take the easy way? If you want to use someone else’s free..."

Things NOT To Do With A Commercial Site! by David Bancroft
"Here I am sitting approximately two feet from my 15" state of the art monitor, using the medium font size of my browser at 800 x 600 resolution and find myself leaning forward to read many of the commercial web sites that I visit in my travels of the Internet."

W3C Standards and You and Me by Denny Lancaster (listed 8/20/2003)
"The recent development and widespread deployment of the World Wide Web has brought with it a new community, as many of the people working on the WWW have not thought of themselves as primarily network researchers and developers..."

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