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800 x 600 Scrolling?!?! by NeoDinian (listed 8/3/2005)
"Finding horizontal scrollbars at 800x600 display. What could be simpler, right? Wrong! As I have discovered, and will share with you here, there are a few factors..."

ALT Tags by Bernard Howe (listed 7/14/2004)
It would seem that everyone now wants to make up their own rules concerning the use of alt tags. However, the reality is that alt tags are for those who cannot see..."

Content Over Glitz! by David Bancroft
"It is time to knock on the door again about the importance of a business site’s content to maintain prospective customers’ interest and to entice existing customers to return..."

Coloring Scrollbars by Carlos Simões
One important thing you must know about a colored scrollbar is that it does not work in Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla): It is an Internet Explorer's only property..."

Developing A Web Site: Content, Message, and Audience! by David Bancroft
"However, it would not surprise me that the majority of internet business veterans and novices do not fully comprehend the significance of approaching the development of a web site for their business the same way..."

Flash: Is it a viable medium or a passing fancy? by Philipp Eirich (listed 1/23/2002)
"Is it possible to develop excellent Websites with Flash? This question splits the majority of Web designers: “Anti-Flasher” prioritize fast loading times and ease when it comes to updating websites."

How Accessible Is Your Site? by Bernard Howe (listed 6/9/2004)
". . . Each browser has its own way of interpreting how your page looks, and sometimes it can look much different than what you think or how you made it . . . Have you ever thought about how many people with poor to very poor eye sight that surf the internet?"

Importance Of Meta Tags by Donna Snyder (listed 12/1/2004
Meta tags are used to add information to the HTTP header of a webpage. It also contains hidden information in the coding that..."

Improved Standards Will Benefit Us by David Taylor (listed 8/3/2003)
". . .
so why embark on a long and stressful exercise that would involve forgetting most of what I had already struggled to learn, and to start a new learning curve..."

Looking at web design: from a teen’s perspective by Mary Winn (listed 8/9/2000)
"Many teens spend their weekends out partying, gossiping, shopping, checking out the latest . . . these two roles are both incredibly challenging, especially while doing them simultaneously, they are also educational, fun, and very fulfilling."

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