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Picking Up The Broken Pieces by Tony Bucaro (listed 9/4/2002)
. . . So, after what seems like hours of reading and rereading the criteria over and over again, you feel it’s time.  The moment of truth has come, the application..."

Raising the Mark by Terrance "TnT" Emerson (listed 6/21/2000)
"The Internet awards programs are all over the place. Four out of five are meaningless giveaways intended only as hit makers . . . Then I discovered..."

Rating Criteria and Rules by former AS! RPM (listed 9/15/2000)
"Because every award giver wants to get a 5.0 rating level, this article will discuss in depth the criteria necessary to achieve that level."

Replying to Applicants by Karen Pimtzner (listed 1/31/2001)
The reviews are complete and the awards prepared.  All that remains is to send the reply letters.  How well we communicate with the..."

The Role of Evaluators by Richard Berends (listed 11/22/2000)
". . .
a nightmare for site evaluators who have to deal with the new developments.  However, the basics will NEVER change."

The Status on Status & Statistics by Nicole S. Porter (listed 3/2/2005)
"Status pages were begun by innovative and well respected European awards programs, and have risen dramatically in popularity over the past few years..."

Sorry, I Only Speak One Language by Wendy Sears (listed 12/5/2001)
"One of the more pleasurable aspects of running an awards program is finding those sites that are pure gems.  However on occasion sites may appear that are not in the native language of the reviewer..."

Standard Awards Criteria - Or, How To Truly Frustrate Your Applicants by Jonathan Hayward (1/30/2002)
". . . Like many of you, I share my website with friends, but I haven't put it on the web just so I can write my URL on a napkin after I meet someone. I want to share it with the world.  When an awards program recognizes a website..."

Today's Awards Community by David Bancroft (listed 6/6/2001)
“Bettering the Net By Striving For Excellence... perfectly symbolizes everything about today’s growing and diverse web awards community.  And yes, it happens to be the Award Sites! (AS!) slogan.  These seven words also represent a stark contrast to what I encountered five years ago when I launched my first site..."

Why Are You Applying For Awards? by Jef Peace (listed 5/16/2001)
". . . If you can't answer this question or if you answer it with something akin to...  Award givers are generally a goldmine of useful tips and information.  It takes a rare individual to offer a serious award..."

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