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Feedback and Ethics by David Bradley (listed 9/8/2004)
"One of the most talked about topics in the awards community today is feedback.  There are many pros and cons in giving..."

From Cover Letters To Laudatios by Karen Pimtzner (listed 8/15/2001)
"Simply put, a laudatio is the Latin term for laudation from the word laud (to sing praise).  Thus, a laudatio is the very act of praising or commending an act or deed -- in this case, the creation of an award-winning web site."

How Do You Measure Success? By Wendy Russell and Wendy Sears (listed 3/3/2004)
For as many times, as one asks this question, there will be as many different responses to it..."

How To Build A First Class Award Program by Donna Snyder (listed 2/16/2005)
Building a first class award program is not an easy task.  It takes time, patience, hard work, dedication and commitment to..."

Influencing Objectivity and Subjectivity Through Award Program Criteria by Denny Lancaster (listed 5/17/2006)
"Cultural practices, cognitive behavior, peer groups, learned behavior and individual preferences have a profound effect upon web site creations and award criteria-objectivity or subjectivity..."

Inside the Rating Panel by former AS! RPM (listed 6/1/2000)
"There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the Award Sites! Rating Panel, and this article seeks to dispel them, give some advice, and answer the commonly asked questions."

In Search of Web Excellence by M�c Miller (listed 6/9/2000)
Recognition is acceptance by others... This acceptance can be a simple "hello" acknowledging your existence or a symbolic gesture bestowed upon you for achievement or..."

Is there merit in a merit award? by Wendy Sears (listed 1/22/2003)
". . .
defines merit as 'a thing that entitles one to reward'. Award managers would say that they give merit awards because they feel that the recipient is entitled to it in some way..."

How Many is Too Many? by Jef Peace (listed 5/16/2001)
"How many awards can a site earn before it is considered excessive? This is a hot topic these days and I'd like to discuss it in this article.  The answer that comes immediately to mind is..."

Leave the Award Alone by Richard Fox (listed 7/11/2001)
. . . Changing the graphic shows disrespect for what you wanted to win as well as not keeping a promise you made when you applied and probably copyright laws also.  You can lose that award you wanted by changing it..."

Mother's Little Horror by Wendy Sears (listed 11/12/2003)
Bringing a healthy infant award program into the world is no mean feat. There are the sleepless nights, constant feeding and the regular changing, until the..."

The New Award Program - Ethics of Self Promotion By Brian Forrester (listed 8/24/2005)
While self-promotion can be advantageous to the program, we must first examine the ethics of this venture. In order to fully understand what this entails we must..."

New Views on New Windows by Jonathan Hayward
"I know that many (not all) awards programs request that external links open in a new browser window, because the type of people who..."

Objectivity and Site Purpose: Key to Setting Criteria and Judging a Site by Betty Malheiro (listed 4/4/2001)
"In applying for awards for my site, I've come across many awarding sites who have set their award criteria so high that no one could possibly meet their requirements--not even themselves."

Opinions - Everybody's Got Them by Maggi Norris (listed 6/9/2000)
In my opinion a well-designed site that earns a Gold Award is one that is so beautiful I want to hang it on my living room wall.  It has to leave me stunned... "

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