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A Common Purpose by Randal A. Burd, Jr., M.Ed. (listed 10/1/2008)
"Award Programs on the Internet should serve one common purpose, to make the Internet a more pleasant, more educational, more efficient place to spend one’s time..."

A Mother's Pride and Joy by Wendy Sears (listed 1/23/2002)
"It happened when I least expected.  I was invited out for a drink by a colleague who runs his own successful awards program.  One thing led to another and before I knew it I had given birth to an awards program of my own..."

A Winning Evaluation Team by Jef Peace (listed 5/16/2001)
"There's no magical formula which will instantly produce a quality evaluation team, but there are some ideas that can be shared... take a look at motivations for assembling a team, methods of finding evaluators, tips on how to keep the team together..."

All About Content by Kim Shultz (listed 3/7/2001)
". . . Now you're going to give your own award.  The first decision, perhaps the most important decision, is the one that determines what you are going to award.  The two main types of awards are for web site design and web site content."

Award And Ethics Memberships - Why Bother? by Luuk Francken (listed 9/18/2002)
". . . By now, you will have come across either the words APEX, CEM/CEMA, AECG etc. or you may have seen the badges from these associations..."

Award Program Setup and Award Ratings by Luuk Francken (listed 12/5/2001)
"How is it possible to have a fine award program and yet the rating request you place with institutions like Award Sites! or Webs Awards does not answer to your expectations?"

AWARD SITES! A Promotional Service and More! by David Bancroft (revised 8/25/2000)
"The purpose of AWARD SITES! is very straightforward.  It was developed as a free service that would be mutually beneficial to deserving submitted websites and award-issuing sites."

Awards Won Pages by Lupércio Mundim (listed 1/10/2007)
"The awards won pages are between the most important pages of a site . . . in them will be exhibited the honors deserved and received by the site..."

Behind the Awards Scene by Richard Berends (listed 10/25/2000)
"You've seen them and you tried to earn them yourself... Ever wondered what really happens behind the scene after you hit the "submit" button? I can assure you that a lot happens. I will sketch..."

Clarifying Criteria for Family-Friendliness By Nicole S. Porter (listed 8/13/2003)
". . . The point of contention happens to center around the phrase "family-friendly".  By common definition, a family consists of a..."

Display It with Pride by Jef Peace (listed 7/24/2000)
"Any serious Awards Program has a process that is time-consuming and often emotionally challenging.  Those who host serious Awards Programs more often than not do so for..."

Introducing Disqualifying Material by Wendy Sears (listed 11/5/2003)
"Like some extravagant theatrical show the award program invites its audience to participate in what it hopes will be a well-tested flawless production..."

Detailed Constructive Feedback = Worthwhile Award Program by Randal A. Burd, Jr., M.Ed. (listed 01/07/2009)
"In order to fulfill our common purpose as Internet Award Programs, which I assume is to 'make the Internet a better place,' it is vitally important that we provide our applicants with the detailed, constructive..."

Disqualified... Why? by Wendy and David Russell (listed 2/20018/2004)
"We still remember our earliest experiences within the awards community. They were confusing and frustrating to us. If we applied to an award program..."

Distinguishing Web Award Programs by M�c Miller (listed 10/22/2003)
Knowing how to distinguish Web award programs can help you select which ones will have the most meaning for you and save you time, energy, and, perhaps, some embarrassment..."

Do Award Programs Unknowingly Stifle Creativity? by Cat Turner (listed 9/10/2003)
". . . We all as award givers say we wish to see things that awe us, new approaches to creativity, innovations… yet our own criteria at times limit those very things..."

Do's and Don'ts - When Applying for Awards! by Vitor Oliveira (listed 6/16/2004.)
The first thing you should do when you apply for an award is read the PURPOSE of the award program..."

Dousing or Fanning the Flames by Wendy Russell (listed 7/23/2003)
"Owning and or managing an awards program have its definite benefits and can be very rewarding experience. Conversely, it also has its darker and less desirable moments as well. What I am referring to is of course those true to form

Earning Awards For Your Website! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"The attitude of winning an award is wrong.  It must be earned . . . A site should be developed with your target audience in mind and should be synergistic.  Content needs to be..."

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