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Awards Won Pages
by Lupércio Mundim
-- January 10, 2007
The awards won pages are between the most important pages of a site . . . in them will be exhibited the honors deserved and received by the site. Some basic notions exist that are going to be observed in all the award won pages for avoid boredoms and the cancellation of awards granted.

Here are five key steps:

 Lupercio Mundim
  1. Initially it is important that you create a table where will be totaled up the rated and the non-rated awards, the links of this table will drive to the relation of the awards in separate pages. We do this because the non-rated awards do not be so important as much as the rated awards and few persons maybe don't have time for appreciate them, while the majority of the visitors is going to see the received rated awards.

  2. Another important measure is to separate the rated awards by rating level from the level more elevated, this facilitates the location of the awards and saves time. In these tables utilizes only texts and links, therefore the exhibition of the awards would occupy a lot of space and would become the list very extensive. In a separate page (of preference one of the pop-up kind) exhibit the award, the laudation and all the other information as date and rating level.

  3. The updating of these pages should be immediate, does not delay days for put an award, neither leaves of notify who granted it of that the award already is found in the site, supplying the link for the page where its found, this is the better demonstration of gratitude that you can give.

  4. The navigation have a big importance for the received award pages, each page should contain the complete menu of the site and the buttons of navigation that go back for the previous page, advance for the next page or go up to the top of the page, this is fundamental specially for the sites that already received more of hundred awards. Don't forget to also offer an email link in all the pages.

  5. Never alter the size or the format of a received award, this is the bigger demonstration of disrespect for who granted the award, even though you consider that this alteration be necessary for that you can exhibit the award, better would be do not exhibit it.

Following these simple steps you will have organized and attractive received award pages, that will invite the visitor to know each one of them, and will give to the awards givers the sensation of that you treat with seriousness the received awards, what adds more a valuable point in his judgment of your website.

Lupércio Mundim
Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved
About the Author
Lupércio Mundim is a Brazilian Webmaster with big experience in the creation of sites, seen already to have created fifty-two sites for himself, for his friends and for some organizations without lucrative purposes. His most important and known site is the Poetic Soul, where are found his poetry, his personal and friends pages, beyond his graphics, his award program and his award index.

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