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Broadband - A No Brainer! by David Bancroft (listed 4/6/2001)
"Here you sit at your PC . . . staring at its screen waiting for your dial-up service to answer the ring . . . Then a miracle occurs for those who try broadband access like cable or DSL.  They find that there is no waiting for dial-up answering and password verification or the busy signal and occasional disconnect . . ."

Shock, the Wave of the Future by Maggi Norris (listed 6/15/2000)
"I think shock is literally the "wave" of the future. Pun intended. You can get so much out in what seems such a short time if Flash is used at its best. If used properly . . ."

Technology In Support of Learning by Denny Lancaster (listed 4/7/2004)
"One of the earliest attempts to use computer technologies began with R. C. Atkinson and Richard M. Shiffrin as they sought to enhance learning in schools in 1968.  The dramatic increase in the presence of..."

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