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Broadband . . . A No Brainer!
By David Bancroft -- April 6, 2001
Here you sit at your PC . . . staring at its screen waiting for your dial-up service to answer the ring, then verify your password, and then finally allow you to proceed with your online activities at a . . . whopping 24kbps to possibly 48kbps (lucky for those at 56kpbs).

And just as you are checking your emails and before opening your browser of choice . . . the dial-up service is disconnected for whatever reason.  

So you start the whole process again.

David Bancroft, president of F0CUS Associates (business and marketing consulting)

Now . . . after receiving the last of your emails, you decide to check for software program updates on your PC and to your dismay there is one for an often used program.  So you start the download process of a 10 plus meg file . . . knowing it will take an hour or longer and hoping that there will not be another disconnect to your dial-up service.

Oh yeah . . . now you or your child has to do research via the Net.  It makes no difference if it is for personal, business, or educational reasons, as time has no favorites.  Simply put, time is relative to dial-up speed, including when Internet traffic is so heavy that it bogs down even the best dial-up access to a snail’s crawl.  (I just cringe at the memory of past experiences!)

An Hour or More

Then a miracle occurs for those who try broadband access like cable or DSL.  They find that there is no waiting for dial-up answering and password verification or the busy signal and occasional disconnect.

Download, business, and research efforts seem like they take a blink of any eye compared to the old dial-up ways.  Just think . . . your download access can be 25 to 50 times faster with a broadband access service over dial-up (depends on what the usual dial-up bits per seconds was relative to one's normal broadband bits per seconds).

Wake-up . . . anyone still using dial-up and spends an hour or more on the Internet everyday or even several days a week.  You or your company should go with a broadband connection service like cable or DSL right now if it is available in your area!

Forget The Cost Excuse

The time saved in accessing the Net more than outweighs the additional cost including when children (teenagers too) are using it for educational purposes.  (Sorry moms about your sons . . . most boys cannot resist "research" when it comes to sex.  Even the most resourceful ones will learn how to get around a filtering program . . . like learning the password!  Just keep changing the password periodically to stymie this normal tendency.)

Businesses, including even single employee ones, should be using broadband with dial-up only as a safeguard when the broadband connection service is disrupted.  Right now . . . DSL is the more logical choice here, because it allows the use of faxing and phone calls on the same line while on the Internet.  Of course, it is assumed that new cable technology will probably offer the same features as DSL one day.  Deregulation seems the most logical reason for it to happen, which means the possibility of seeing the merger of companies with these two technologies.

Productivity and More

Moreover,  using broadband services means . . .

  • Increased productivity

  • Increased revenue and profit potential

  • Spending more time on other important offline personal interests like your family, friends, and hobbies

Businesses really save here . . . because employees can handle their respective Internet responsibilities considerably faster including email, which allows them to be more productive overall . . . more revenues and profits are the potential.  Personal users can do more online faster, which allows them more time offline for other critical activities.

Cautionary note . . . I do recommend businesses keeping a dial-up service for use when your cable service is disrupted for any reason.  (Most DSL service providers should offer free dial-up as an access backup.)  Home / personal users need to make their own decision based upon the importance of always having some type of access to the net.  (BTW – Cable and DSL broadband do have access problems and vary respectively, but they are very few and far between for most users . . . and will only improve.)

Copyright © 2001
All Rights Reserved
David Bancroft

About the Author
Besides being the founder / owner of Award Sites! . . . David Bancroft is the owner of FOCUS Associates, a business and marketing consulting firm; founder / owner of USA Patriotism!, a showcase of love and pride of the USA with top rankings at Google and other search engines; Poetry Galore, a showcase of original poems, short stories, and resources; and co-founder of Awards Scoop, an online media kit concerning the awards community.  Additionally, David has authored two fiction novels, Mere Chance and Cemetery Wood, 100+ poems, and many articles.

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