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Pamela Geiss -- November 15, 2000
Since my business is Internet advertising, I spend a great deal of time every day searching out the best ways to advertise on the Internet. It is very important for every business to stay “on the cutting edge” as they say.  First it was FFAs (free for all sites), then it was emails and ezines.  These ways of marketing still are used, sometimes quite effectively, but now it seems the rage in the advertising world is “targeted email”.  Now, if you have ever tried this means of advertising, you know that the first thing you must do in order to send email to the lists is to subscribe to that same list. 

Pamela Geiss

What is wrong with this picture?  If you have to subscribe to it, then so does every other person who is trying to sell his product.  What does that tell you? You are advertising to the people who are advertising.  Does that mean that you won’t ever get a sale? No.  But it does lower your odds quite a bit.

If you are going to be successful in your business, you have to be single-minded about it.  You can’t work very hard one day and decide to take the rest of the week off.  It is a full-time job.  Now, if I take my business seriously - and I do - how interested am I going to be in other “own your own business” opportunities?  I’m not!  This IS my business.  This IS the reason I’m sending out so-called targeted advertising.  I don’t need another business.  I already have one.

So, if it isn’t targeted email, what IS the best way to advertise on the Internet?  There are two of them.  One is guaranteed visitors.  What exactly are guaranteed visitors? They are people who are potential buyers.  They go to YOUR website to look at your offer.  Now, can I, or anyone, for that matter, guarantee they will buy from you?  Of course not - no one can guarantee that.  But I can guarantee you will get the number of visitors you pay for.  Whether they buy depends on how good your offer is.  Many people have asked me where I get these people.  I can’t tell you that - not because I have something to hide, but because the Internet is a very competitive place. I can’t afford to give away all my secrets. The businesses who give the best service for the money will be the ones to last, and I intend for my business to be one of the ones that lasts!

But I said two good ways.  What is the other one?  Viral marketing.  What is viral marketing?  That is marketing that spreads like a virus, thus the name.  I offer a submission software program in my ad packages that uses this  technique.  It has my ad in it.  BUT if you buy it, you can put YOUR ad in it and sell it or give it away on YOUR website; thus, everyone who gets a copy of your submission software will also get YOUR ad.  And if they sell it or give it away on THEIR website, each of those people will get a copy of YOUR ad, and so on.

I hope this information helps YOU with your marketing efforts and clears up any questions you may have had.

Copyright © 2000
All Rights Reserved
Pamela Geiss

About the Author

Pamela Geiss works with businesses and advise them on how to make their sites more user-friendly and search engine friendly. She also has a personalized submission service and an affiliate program that pays 50%.  You will find her website at:

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