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Perception - It Really Counts! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"Having the perception of being good or offering a better whatever can make a significant difference when it comes to converting a prospect into an account."

The Positive "R" Words by Naseem Javed (listed 5/28/2008)
The previous recessions have clearly taught us some very valuable lessons, as this time around, the application of the right game plan may offer you a winning streak..."

Press Releases for Every Occasion by Bill Stoller (listed 1/26/2005)
There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" release. Smart publicists have variations of the press release model ready to be go, depending on the occasion..."

Procrastination - Marketing's Enemy! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"As a marketer, businessman, and consultant, I do not know what is more frustrating than the above word and its respective definition when the facts are known, the plan is developed, and there is financial ability to implement."

Profit - It is the Bottom-line! by David Bancroft (listed 12/20/2000)
"Even Internet IPO success stories . . . like will be short lived, if profitability is not achieved before investors’ patience become critical.  The stock price can go just so high if there is not the means to pay dividends."

Promote A Site with Little (or No!) Money! by David Bancroft (updated 7/15/2000)
"Are you one of the many small business owners who constantly wrestles with where, how, and when as it relates to prioritizing your limited financial resources relative to overwhelming needs?  And now you have just invested in the development of a web site with little or no budget left to promote it."

Promoting Your Site With Awards by Rick and Cheryl Thompson (listed 8/30/2000)
"If you think your site is put together well enough to win awards, you may be able to stir up some traffic with them.  It is not as difficult as you might think to win awards due to the literally thousands of sites out there which offer them . . ."

Search Engine Ranking - get it right from the start by Carl Hruza (listed 7/25/2000)
"There are many ways that you can improve the probability of achieving higher search engine rankings . . . If your site is already online then the above techniques can still be applied retrospectively . . ."

Search the Web More Efficiently: Tips, Techniques and Strategies by Daniel Bazac (listed 12/3/2003)
"Studies show that after email, searching the Web is the most popular activity on the Internet. Searching is easy; finding what you're looking for can sometimes be..."

Size Has It's Disadvantages by Robert Smith (listed 7/5/2000)
"The smart home worker can take advantage of current trends and do more for less earning an advantage over the big guys.  Nothing makes me feel as good as beating them at their own game."

Smashing the Myth of the Press Release by Bill Stoller (listed 4/14/2004)
"Somehow, the press release has taken on a magical reputation as the alpha and omega of publicity . . . It's a cruel joke..."

Three Steps for Online Success by James D. Brausch (listed 9/12/2002)
"You spend money and time getting your web site just right. Your friends love it and you don't think there is any way it can miss. But then time starts to pass . . ."

TIPS for Successful Web Site Promotion by Steve Feld (listed 11/27/2001)
"Here are some strategies and methods for ethically promoting a web site so that all web site stakeholders can share their viewpoints, creations and ideas . . ."

Tons of Top 10 Rankings Guaranteed by John Gergye (listed 4/20/2005)
The sad truth is you may indeed land some top 10 rankings. But they won't be for keywords that produce much if any traffic. And if you don't get any traffic what..."

The Ultimate PR Edge: Getting Reporters To Open Your E-Mails by Bill Stoller (listed 8/4/2004)
"You know that getting publicity is vital to the health of your business. You probably also know that e-mail is the way most publicity seekers get in touch with reporters..."

Viral Marketing is it Fact or Fantasy? by Norman Bartholomew (listed 12/6/2000)
"To infect or not to infect? That is the question. We've all heard the hype about viral marketing, but how does the average marketer create a viral system that works?"

Welcome To The Click Society: The 2008 Mega Trends by Naseem Javed (listed 12/19/2007)
We are simply not alone any longer, anywhere or anytime... not even in the most private rooms and quiet spaces that we so dearly cherish. All that beautiful d�cor and openness that we think is..."

What the Heck is a Blog? by Andy Wibbels (listed 3/30/2005)
"The big deal about blogs and why your business can use one."

What Your Competitors Don't Want You To Know by Margot B. (listed 1/16/2002)
"Accurate and timely information is essential for any business to remain competitive.  Read their financial information, compare companies on several different types of investment data . . ."

Which Type of Affiliate Program Is Better? By Pamela Geiss (listed 9/15/2000)
"In reality, it doesn’t matter whether your affiliate program is one-tier, two-tier, or 55-tier.  What DOES matter is YOUR desire to succeed and YOUR work ethic."

Why Are Developing Countries Losing The Five Star Status Race? by Naseem Javed (listed 9/12/2007)
"The race for the global image repositioning is getting fiercely competitive as more and more countries are improving their softer image, claiming the right to produce good quality exportable brands for..."

You're Fired . . . Really? by Naseem Javed (listed 5/5/2004)
"This instrument of legal protection of trademarks under laws of the Intellectual Property has served us well during the last couple of centuries. Its enormous powers and..."

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