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6 Proven Secrets To Writing A Trash-Proof Press Release by Bill Stoller (listed 2/20/2008)
"When the recipient of a press release focuses only on its content -- and not on its creation -- the writer has succeeded...."

The 10 Most Common Publicity Mistakes - Don't Sabotage Your Success! by Bill Stoller (listed 4/26/2006)
"Here then are the dumb things that publicity seekers do. Avoid them, and you'll be well on your way to scoring great coverage..."

A Gala Tribute to Global Copycats by Naseem Javed (listed 4/4/2007)
"Over the decade, the art of copying and stealing other people's content and ideas has settled comfortably in the mainstream across the globe. What formerly would constitute an act of piracy is now a..."

A Tale of Two Sites by James D. Brausch (listed 7/17/2002)
"We want to talk about how you can take any site you have and create a sister site of the other type in order to improve your traffic, sales and mission.  First, let’s define these types of sites a little more and give some examples..."

Advertising Online Websites Using Traditional Print Ads by Joe Farinaccio (listed 1/4/2006)
Before we discuss the specifics of advertising online websites using print ads, let’s talk about why you’d want to do it..."

Are Pop-Ups Going Dinosaur Way? by Desmond Mantor (listed 9/27/2006)
"Yes, when you use pop-ups, visitors are annoyed, distracted and will not take your offering seriously..."

Attracting Clients With Ease by Bernadette Doyle (listed 9/22/2004
"... The reality, however, can be somewhat different, and the whole process of finding new business can be a time consuming challenge full of uncertainty..."

The Big Green Paint Job by Naseem Javed (listed 1/23/2008))
 "Just like a year-round St. Patrick's Day; the big green dress party has started. As if this process will provide that green-mask, creating the appearance of a fighter, presence of a leader, out fixing the global..."

Corporate Image - A House of Cards by Naseem Javed (listed 3/17/2004)
"Every single day of the year a ... What took decades to build now stands like a crumbled ruin in smoke and beyond repair. The same story is..."

Creating Information Products For Money, Image And Success by Michael Port  (listed 4/27/2005)
"An information product can be delivered in many different formats; as an e-book, e-course, special report, manual, tutorial, home study course, tele-class, intensive program..."

Creating Your Online News Room: How To Build a Site The Media Will Love by Bill Stoller (listed 12/7/2005)
oday, you can simply direct a reporter to a web URL, where all your press materials and high definition artwork awaits, ready to..."

The Domain Blast by Naseem Javed (listed July 2, 2008)
"Domain names are made of three parts. The www, the "name" and the suffix With ICANN's latest decision today, you now have full creative control over the last two parts..."

The Domain Exchange by Naseem Javed (listed April 30, 2008)
"The entire domain name industry has advanced to a more mature level, which now fully recognizes the super value of having a generic globally recognizable domain identity as a true cyber-real-estate asset...."

Email Your Way To Success by James D. Brausch (listed 5/1/2002)
You’ve heard that email is one of your best marketing tools, but you are afraid of spam complaints and you are discouraged about how long it takes to build an opt-in newsletter list..."

Free Hosting Services - Not Commercially Smart! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"And while the web site's design may be passable to excellent, I find this slip-shod approach to pursuing online business very unwise and marketing inept.  It is an automatic signal..."

Google Proof Your Site with Links by John Gergye (listed 5/25/2005)
"But links do something else. They give you a backup source of traffic for those days, weeks, or months when Google spasms out. Something content alone can't do..."

How Can I Market With Articles If I Can't Write? by Bonnie Jo Davis (listed 1/21/2004)
The shrewdest and most effective means of free advertising is through providing interesting and relevant information to your potential customers. You can do this easily by writing and distributing..."

How Planning the Work Can Catapult Your Marketing Success by Lisa Manyon (listed 3/19/2008)
"Without a plan, even the best intentions may never be realized. You must plan the work and then work the plan, or your goals will not be accomplished..."

How To Feature The Ultimate Benefits for Your Customers by Lisa Manyon (listed 4/9/2008)
"To create the most compelling marketing and promotional pieces possible, you must first think from your customer’s perspective....""

How To Get 50 High PR One Way Links Each Month by John Gergye (listed 3/16/2005)
All you do is find sites to post your articles on that do a good job of directing pagerank (PR) to their articles pages.  Sadly many..."

How To Get Press To Come To You by Paula Gardner (listed 5/18/2005)
"Have you ever noticed how the same people’s names always seem to appear in magazines and newspapers articles which quote them as a source of info and advice on their own..."

How To Use Color On The Web To Get More Clients Than You Can Handle by Michael Port (listed 3/9/2005)
Choose two or three dominant colors, and choose those that represent the qualities of your service or product, or the emotions you hope..."

IDEAS and ACTION by Phil Hunt (listed 8/16/2000)
"Great Ideas ... They come to us in fleeting glimpses, flashing thoughts and inspired visualizations ... Action is like oxygen to flame..."

INFORMATION, [the business of the new millennium] by Phil Hunt (listed 12/13/2000)
"The advent of the world wide web has seen a phenomenal increase in the accessibility to specialist information."

The iPhones, iPains & iProblems by Naseem Javed (listed 01/31/2007)
"Feeble minds somehow gravitate towards the copying process and feel secure by joining the happy-go-lucky bandwagon, rather than taking an original approach..."

Is Colour Really Important To Your Business? by Kelly Molson  (listed 11/9/2005)
"The colours you choose to represent your business can say a lot.  So, are you sure the ones you've used in your designs are saying the right..."

Key to Great PR is Perseverance by Paula Gardner
"I regularly seem to come across businesses that have pinned their hopes on one press release. They tell me how they sent it out with excitement..."

KISS - Keep It Short Scholar by James D. Brausch (listed 6/12/2002)
"... Let’s briefly take a different view of sales copy.  Perhaps you take the view that sales copy is meant to talk people into purchasing your product/service..."

Listen To Your Visitors! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"It is very wrong to approach marketing a product or service with the attitude that "I" know what is best for my intended customers.  A philosophy of this nature can cause considerable problems, because..."

LOCAL SEARCH by Trinity Prescott (listed 6/25/2008)
"The centerpiece of any on line marketing effort is a business's website. While many small to medium size businesses still lack websites, the next few years will almost certainly see an explosion in this sector as..."

The Magic of Marketing Momentum by Kathy Poole (listed 6/28/06)
A very surprising thing happens just about every time I sit down to work on my marketing plan, call a prospective client..."

The Market Value of Information by Robert Smith (listed 5/8/2002)
It has become really difficult to determine how much any information product is worth based only on its price.  The perceived value for information is subjective.  It’s the value of the information to your potential customer..."

MARKETING TRENDS! By Pamela Geiss (listed 11/15/2000)
"It is very important for every business to stay “on the cutting edge” as they say.  First it was FFAs (free for all sites), then it was emails and ezines.  These ways of marketing still are used...”

The Masquerade Ball During The Typing Revolution by Naseem Javed (listed 3/12/2003)
"... Corporations, dressed up like Charlatans and Harlequins, have done enough dancing; shareholders are no longer fooled by fancy images, fake identities with silly names..."

Marketing Research: Individual Words by James D. Brausch (listed 2/15/2006
"We all know that phrases like "Who else wants to know" in a headline can improve our sales. Have you ever thought about the..."

Networking - A Marketing Must! by David Bancroft (listed 6/1/2000)
"We all should know what networking means when it comes to finding a new career.  Well, the same rules apply to using networking as a marketing tool for a small business, especially one that offers services..."

The Newspaper Cemetery by Naseem Javed (listed 5/23/2007)
"The gravity of the problem is not that the competing media like TV or Internet are at play it’s rather that the public all over the world prefers moving pictures in the palms of their hands ove

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