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INFORMATION, [the business of the new millennium]
By Phil Hunt -- December 13, 2000

The advent of the world wide web has seen a phenomenal increase in the accessibility to specialist information.  Information can be accessed on almost any subject there is, from the comfort of your own home.  While there are drawbacks to this, including children's access to pornographic and anti social material, the advantage to business cannot be overstated.  Any business that has access to the Internet can click onto a wide range of info relevant to their organization at any time.

Phil Hunt

Being able to access this kind of information is invaluable in a world of fierce competition and uncertain economic times.  Because this information comes from global sources, and is not confined to local or national boundaries, business can see what is happening on the other side of the world.  This may well give them an edge over competitors when planning for the future.  Any business not utilizing the power of the information revolution may be putting themselves at a disadvantage.

It did not take people long to realize the potential for the marketing and selling of Information on the Internet.  The opportunity to make a large amount of money regularly by selling blocks of “Knowledge” has become a reality for people working from home.  No longer is publishing of information the realm of large publishing houses and specialist services.  What better way to work, from home working your own hours, setting up a system that when automated earns money for you while you aren’t even there.  Sounds pretty good to me.

 There are certainly some great advantages to a business system like this:

  • Start up costs are low

  • Overheads are low

  • Can be operated from home

  • Needs few or no hired employees

  • Flexible working hours

  • Can generate “staggering” income

  • Allows for an envious lifestyle

  • Can be as small or as large as you want

This opportunity to sell “how to” Information Software, CDs, Videos, Books and reports can also be done by land mail using direct mail and mail order and in fact a number of people are doing this now and making a lot of money.

There are Great Opportunities out there!

Copyright © 2000
All Rights Reserved
Phil Hunt

About the Author
Phil Hunt leads the team at Martwiz . . . specializing in Home Based Business resources, tips and advice.  Martwiz is a one stop shop for business opportunities, products and services including web design.

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