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Are Pop-Ups Going Dinosaur Way?
Desmond Mantor -- September 27, 2006
So far you have seen how to attract the potential customers to your site. You must also learn to keep them interested and not turn them away after giving them useful information and quality products. Do you know that happens? Yes, when you use pop-ups, visitors are annoyed, distracted and will not take your offering seriously. Therefore, get rid of any pop-ups on your site.

There was a time when pop-ups were considered another major attraction for your web site but with each passing day pop-ups have lost popularity. Internet users are no longer interested in pop-up ads. They rather consider it as an annoying factor.

Imagine watching your favorite thriller on the TV and a commercial pops up suddenly. How do you feel? Your customer feels the same when you use pop-ups. Your visitors come to your site for quality information and any thing that stops them from getting it, even for a few seconds, is definitely a no no.

Internet users are fed up of using spam filters and pop-up blockers to get rid of such annoyance. Earlier, these pop-ups used to titillate the visitors. It is no more the case now. These days the visitors do not want to waste their quality time on pop-ups. The users are intelligent and will move over to the other sites to find information rather than waste time in pop-ups. The pop-ups come in between and act as an intriguing factor and you can be sure that you lose your prospective clients with their use.

Do you recall the last time an over eager sales person made your life miserable by talking about every thing under the sun, but the product that he is selling? Did you feel good? I bet not! That is precisely the mental condition of an internet user who is bombarded with pop-ups. Keeping your website purely functional - giving quality, real material information is ultimately the key to your success.

Honesty is the best policy! Use your high quality content and products to convince your customer of your genuineness. Hyped up advertising, incredible offers are not the best way because ultimately the customer will judge you by the quality he perceives from your website. You cannot get a second chance to make a First Impression. So, earn the respect of the customer by being honest and straight forward.

Time to let the pop-ups go extinct, much like dinosaurs.
Desmond Mantor
Copyright © 2006
All Rights Reserved
About the Author
Desmond Mantor is the Director of Marketing for Have Traffic a company specializing in providing double qualified traffic for commercial web sites, proven to convert to sales at higher rates in comparison to regular major pay per click sources.

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