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Fortune 500 Budgeting for Our Personal Lives by Deborah Carraro (listed 2/23/2005)
In the business world, a budget is a financial framework that provides checks and balances to prevent overspending and ensures the availability of funds should the..."

Intellectual Property Rights As Important Business Assets (listed 9/26/2007)
by Andres F. Quintana, Esq. and John M. Houkom, Esq.
One of the most overlooked intangible assets for small and midsized businesses is the intellectual property (IP) generated in those businesses..."

The Most "Scientific" Of Social Sciences by Denny Lancaster (listed 12/152004)
"...Nineteenth-century Europe "disembedded" the economy from the social structure, freed economic motives from social control and set in motion a process by which..."

National Debt Elimination by Denny Lancaster (listed 10/15/2008)
Complex issues such as taxation require simple answers. Until the Federal Income Tax Act of 1958, virtually every tax payer could complete..."

To Get Paid What You Are Worth, Don’t Say a Word by Kathy Poole (listed 3/15/2006)
While the client ponders your fee, stay silent. You want the client to talk first, because that will give you the edge. If you talk first..."

What Corporations And Limited Liability Companies (Llc) Have To Offer... by Alon Darvish (listed 3/29/2006)
Many individuals today are self employed. As a business grows and prospers, the risk of liability to third parties also

You should Break these 7 Money Rules by Roger Sorensen (listed 4/6/2005)
When it comes to learning fiscal knowledge, some lessons result in better memories than others. One of the most satisfying lessons..."

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